Episode 7: We’re back! (with Lederhosen)

October 4, 2015

Matt and Dave are back from a long break, join them in breaking in their "new" studio with controversy over the name of the newly announced drug Addi and a
petition to change it.  Matt meets the king at Victory Junction, shamelessly plugs his employment at Amazon Student, and attempts to explain Exploding Kittens.  Lastly, They introduce the new "Vente" segment of the podcast and Dave tries to explain his new Lederhosen.


Episode 6: All Things N.C.

May 11, 2015

Following Dave's one year anniversary in North Carolina, your hosts discuss the unique things and experiences they've had in N.C, including birding, BBQ, Bluegrass, believing in yourself and the ever present squirrel.


Episode 5: World’s Most Powerful Penquin, Three Headed Dogs and Flying Sharks, Oh My

March 29, 2015

This is your episode 4 "As Seen On TV" bonus episode.  Matt and Dave discuss the Dog Show, the world's most powerful penguin, Sharknado, movies and personal convictions.


Episode 4: As Seen on TV

March 29, 2015

Hi, Dave here for the "Welcome to the House" podcast. Tired of all those other podcasts (like those professional ones), try "Welcome to the House".
If you play this episode now (or in the next 20 minutes) you'll receive Episode 4: "As Seen On TV" and episode 5 absolutely free, so act now!


Episode 3: “Honey, is Fluffy Chewing on Dynamite?

February 18, 2015

Dave and Matt talk about becoming superheroes, the dark side of Tuperware, Hover cat and time management. Matt teaches Dave some new terms and introduces him to a new game.


Episode 2: Que?

January 27, 2015

Dave and Matt welcome their first followers, discuss food deserts, teach you how to speak N.C. and ponder why they can't remember anything.

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Episode 1: Grades, Grills and Girl Scout Cookies

January 10, 2015

Dave and Matt discuss girl scout cookies, education, DIY cleaning products, grilling and Mazdas.


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